Friday, March 7, 2014

The dreaded six week growth spurt from hell

Dear Bunny

i have to tell you. this growth spurt is a doozy and taking a major toll on my sanity. it looks like you want to be permanently attached to my boob ! and i have to carry you ALL the FRICKIN time. man, its tough and i sometimes wonder what i have signed up for. but then you smile when you see me and while i cannot forget that i'm completely sleep deprived , i still feel i could do a couple more hours of this.
when you refuse to go to anyone else and i'm clearly exhausted, i also feel a slight smug sense of satisfaction. yes your my daughter and i will be number one (ha take that world)... well atleast till your weaned i'm number one.

i do hope though you get out of this growth spurt quickly and all the milk i'm pumping into you helps you grow. i want you to grow big and strong and smart so that when ppl discourage you or try to make you doubt yourself , you'll know enough to trust your instincts and be courageous and brave and try things anyway.
some day you might have a baby of your own who will also go through a six week growth spurt. hopefully i will be a good grangran and encourage the heck out of you.

dearest turtle, you took a full 2 weeks to complete this growth spurt.  i love you, but can we not do this again ?


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