Friday, March 7, 2014

Day Zero

Dear FuzzyBuns

do you like your cutezy name? thats not what i really call you, and it took me all of 3 seconds to dream it up, so its not that bad really. could be worse.

the day you arrived was a perfect day, but you hardly gave me any notice. 7:00 AM i was like ow that hurts and 9:48 you were in my arms. why were you in such a hurry? really there was nothing interesting happening in the world right that moment.
do you really want to hear how you arrived?

you were supposed to arrive calmly and peacefully in a water tub. i had done all this research suggesting that was the best way for you to make your grand entrance. but actually you barely avoided arriving in the back of an ambulance in the hospital parking lot. and not the hospital i was registered at. i was screaming like a banshee from 8:15 till the moment you arrived and yes i lost all sense of dignity as the fire brigade, paramedics and police force examined your entrance along with everyone who happened to be around as i was being wheeled to the labor room in the hospital.

but you finally did come out, safe and sound and i was sooo exhausted and sooo glad it was over. little did i know i'd still hurt like hell for atleast 2 months after.

by the way i was 100% sure you were a boy.


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