Friday, March 7, 2014

Eight Week wonder

Dear Turtle

today you completed eight whole weeks ! woohoo... we made it ! let me be the first to congratulate you... know that your grangran will be making some sort of weird sweet tomorrow and force all of us to eat it. you are doing much better at night (knock on wood!) and today you slept for 2 consecutive hours during the day !! i could almost weep with joy :)

i have to admit the 45 min naps were kind of wearing me down , along with the fact that you had to be held for all your naps. but not all of it was difficult to endure.. you were kind of cute when fast asleep in my arms. now i'm not the overly sentimental kind (no really) and yet sometimes i'd spend a good 15 minutes (or maybe 30) staring at your sleeping face. come on i made you, cell by cell, muscle by muscle, atom by atom. i was the petri dish in which you cooked and came out all perfect ! aaah brings another tear to my eye...

today your great grangran said your not as cute as me (when i was a baby). i was surprised how quickly and how much i was offended. how dare anyone say that about you. after all i made you, and your perfect. dear turtle don't worry. your much cuter than anyone and perfect in every single way. your just bald as a cueball right now and once you grow hair even ur great grangran will admit your the best cutiepie there is.


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