Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sleep training by an amateur - 1

so , i read a bunch of articles, went on a bunch of forums and since i was desperate and totally sleep deprived decided it was time something was done. sure babies are smart and know what they need , but if I had let you have your way, you would be nursing every 90 min day and night and totally killing me.

i needed some sleep STAT! and you needed sleep too.. you were turning into miss cranky pants when awake and that was not fun.

we did the sleep training at around 4 months. the 3 week break i got when nana went away and before ajja-ajji came. it was good. there was definitely progress. we no longer had to hold and rock you for 20 min at a time .. you went to sleep within 5 minutes.
it wasnt hard core. it was basically pupd and 4S's and all that. i even bought the darn book and combed through all the forum posts.. i was obviously nervous. you would cry and make me tremble and boy did you cry. but dada took care of the harder nights and i did the day naps and it got shorter and easier within 3 days and you seemed to get it slowly. i was happy that you woke up happy. you still had only 45 min naps about 6 a day! but you at least woke up laughing. it was tough. we were working on transition to the crib and weaning from the swaddle at the same time. somehow it got better day by day, then it got lil worse then it got better. i cant say that there was a magic day that you suddenly decided to go 8 hrs at night without waking up. but you did 3 and 4 and i was happy.

obviously i had made lots of mistakes. i nursed you to sleep during the 4 month sleep regression and nursed you when you woke up in the middle of the night the first time assuming you were hungry. sure you might have been. and i didnt correct your awake times properly for the first week and you were stuck in a UT/OT loop for a week. but then i sat and wrote down your nap and awake times every single day for 3 weeks and figured it out.
jeez the peace was hard won.

then your grandparents came.

and then your uncle-aunt came with their family

and it all fell apart quickly enough. first you were scared and then you were over-excited with all these ppl. so many ppl you were completely over whelmed and happy and OT. oh well. i went back to rocking you to sleep.. and for the next 2 months i couldnt really get you to independently fall asleep. no worries it wasnt too bad.

then i had a plugged duct. oh boy was it painful. prob during your 6 month growth spurt. and i had to go back to nursing you all the time. shucks. took you less than a week to get used to nursing to sleep. so at 7.5 months when dada got back from china and your grandparents were gone, i had to try pupd again.. i had to! you were back to being miss cranky-pants and yawning and rubbing your eyes all day and being perpetually OT. thankfully this time it took you less than 3 days to get it. its amazing !! you are so much smarter than me.
you went back to 1.5 hr naps and (you consolidated and took longer naps at exactly 6.5 months, till then we were stuck in short nap hell) woke up happy and laughing again.. so you finally learnt to self soothe ! yaay. but now you started going to bed at 9-10pm. thats way too late coz i'm burnt out by then.. and then it was time for your 3-2 nap transition. sigh.. its never ending right?

so this week we have to work on that baby and that will be another post ok?

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